Gaza, Israel

I will write what I am thinking now, along with some personal memories.

Autovacuum tip

I show a tip of autovacuum management.

As frequently mentioned, the table bloat problem is one of the most annoying things in managing PostgreSQL. Several things can cause that problem, and Autovacuum is one of them.

Datadog Failure

On March 8th, Datadog totally paralyzed around the world and it continued a few days.

I was interested in the caurses of that failure from the point of view of my pure engineering interest. However, Datadog have not disclosed anything yet.

Notable technologies

I list up three kinds of technologies I am interested in except computing. If I were young, I would try to dive into these fields.

Poll: Product Name

I’m developing a new private product, but I’ve not decided the name of it yet. So, I’d like to do a poll about what name is good.


How to calculate A * B mod N, where numbers are 64 bit integers

I made a program to calculate ‘A * B mod N’, where A, B and N are 64 bit integers.

Main problem is to avoid overflow when calculate ‘A * B’.

I searched a while and finally decided to use the interleaved modular multiplication method, which is used in the feild of electric circuit design.

I found some bugs when I tested corner cases, so I have to fix them [2018.9.2]. I think I’ve fixed them [2018.9.3]. I’ve just improved it! [2018.9.5]

The program is shown below: