Poll: Product Name

I’m developing a new private product, but I’ve not decided the name of it yet. So, I’d like to do a poll about what name is good.



My new product currently has three features shown below:

  1. Show the real-time state of the execution plan of the running query [Movie]
  2. Show the query progress of the running query [Movie]
  3. Detect the functional dependency between the attributes of tables [Movie]


The architecture of the product is shown below:

Figure 1:

Future Work

I’m planning to improve it in 2 steps:

  1. Feed back the analysis results to the optimizer.
  2. Improve the optimizer using Machine Learning methods.

Figure 2:

What I want

The project code name is pg_query_progress, but I want a good name that includes the meaning of both analytical and improvement abilities.

I’m thinking of a name like these now.

  • pg_plan_investigator
  • pg_plan_inspector
  • pg_plan_analyzer
  • pg_plan_analyst
  • pg_plan_improver
  • pg_plan_meister
  • pg_plan_doctor
  • etc…

But I can’t decide what’s good. Do you have any idea?