I am a software programmer/engineer, the author of “The Internals of PostgreSQL”, pg_plan_inspector and pg_tuner.

I graduated from graduate school in information engineering (M.S. in Information Engineering), had worked for several companies as a software developer and technical manager/director, and published seven books (4 PostgreSQL books and 3 MySQL books) in Japanese and a Chinese book.

As a director of the Japan PostgreSQL Users Group (2010-2016), I organized the largest (non-commercial) technical seminar/lecture on PostgreSQL in Japan for more than six years, and also served as the program committee chair of the Japan PostgreSQL Conference in 2013 and as a member in 2008 and 2009. In June 2022, my interview article was published.

Cuando era joven, vivió en Sudamérica por unos años. Recientemente, a veces vuelve a allí.

I am considering looking for a new job. I love Swiss, however, I would like to do new challenges, e.g. applying ML and AI technologies to DBMS.

I’m interested in History, Animal Rights, Cosmology, Social Issues, Environment Issues. I play the piano and guitar. Vegetarian. I love animals, music, science.