The Engineer’s Guide To Deep Learning

We are in the third golden age of AI.

In the previous two golden ages (1950s-1960s and the 1980s), our expectations outpaced the capabilities of the technology at the time, leading to disappointment. In contrast, the AI technology of the current golden age, which began in the mid-2010s, has consistently exceeded our expectations.

Among AI technologies, the Transformer, introduced in 2017, stands as a groundbreaking breakthrough. Initially developed as a machine translation model, its impact has extended to permeate nearly every field. Today, the Transformer model is considered essential knowledge for modern engineers.

The first goal of this document is to provide the shortest path for engineers to understand the Transformer.

What is this document
  • A concise guidebook:
    This document provides just enough information to learn the Transformer.
What this document provides
  • Working Python code examples for hands-on learning:
    To enhance comprehension, this document provides working Python code examples that readers can run themselves.

  • References for further exploration:
    This document introduces readers to a variety of documentation options, recognizing that different individuals find different resources more accessible.

21.May.2024 The first version released.
Next goal

Many Transformer-based technologies are currently being developed. There will definitely be another major breakthrough in the near future. I might write about them if I have time.

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